first step

The Counselling Team includes:

Karen – our Counselling Team Leader and Staff Counsellor with a background in grief counselling.

Judith – Staff Counsellor.  Judith hopes to do herself out of a job!  She works across all areas, with a special interest in helping people work with childhood wounds to  journey into wholeness.

Chris – Staff Counsellor. Chris has 15 years experience in counselling in many areas, and says he likes “helping people to deal with the pain of the past to transform their future.”

James – Third Year Intern.  James is a qualified with a Diploma in Counselling and is continuing his studies to complete a Counselling degree.  He has worked with youth in the past, and is enjoying broadening his experience at MSS.

Brenda – Brenda is a Second Year Intern, studying through Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.  Her first placement was with a busy social services organisation, and she is building her experience in the counselling needs of our environment.