What is Counselling?

Counselling at Methodist Social services is oriented for change.  It is a process that invites you to engage with yourself in relation to what is going on for you.  Counselling hopes to open up pathways to you towards a better life, whatever that might mean to you.

Counselling can be hard work.  It can be challenging. It can also be supportive, non-judgemental, life changing, and an empowering experience.  We are here to help you achieve your goals.

What might I discuss in Counselling?

Issues you might bring to counselling include (but are not limited to) -

- relationships, including how to relate better to a partner, what you want out of a relationship, separation/divorce issues including day-to-day care of children, and power and control issues;

- grief and loss, including issues around death, loss of a relationship, suicide of a family member/friend, loss of goals/job/lifestyles, grief issues for children;

- family, including family therapy/healing, parenting, how to relate better as a family;

- stress and anxiety, including employment issues, time management, behavioural problems; and

- Confidence issues, including self esteem, how to feel better about oneself, dealing with conflict, and communication.

Counselling sessions are by appointment, and are usually 50 minutes to an hour.  As at January 2018, there is presently no waiting list – give us a call and we should be able to meet with you within a few weeks.

What does it cost?

We offer low cost counselling with the fee depending on your situation.  The standard Fee is $60, and we ask clients to pay an affordable contribution.

About our service

Counselling sessions are by appointment, and are usually 50 minutes to an hour.  As at September 2018, there is no waiting list – give us a call with your details and we will organise an appointment as soon as possible.

We have experienced and qualified counsellors available to help you with your goals, and to assist you in finding your pathway.  We also have intern counsellors available at a reduced fee available to see you.  We are a learning organisation for student counsellors from Massey University and Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.


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