The challenge that faces community and MSS as an organisation serving community and striving for transformative change, is one of an ever growing demand for support and a dwindling pool of funding.  We are grateful to our regular donors and supporters: some donate into our bank account weekly or monthly; others drop cans and other items into our foodbank donation bins at a supermarket, church or school; others regularly pick those items up and deliver them to us; and to Inspire who host our website for free.  Kia ora – thank you.

We also acknowledge the support of funding bodies, the Ministry of Social Development, NZ Lotteries, Ministry of Justice, United Way, COGS, PNCC, Pub Charity, Lion Foundation, Mainland Foundation, Blue Sky Trust, Prince Albert College, and the Wellington Methodist Trust.

United Way

Thanks United Way for a generous grant to contribute to our accounting and audit costs!  Kai Pai!