A programme designed to help children handle conflict more effectively.

Children participating in the programme will learn:

  • to understand their feelings of anger and identify their personal ‘hot buttons’
  • the difference between anger and violence
  • to recognise their physical anger signs
  • how to understand their own ‘self talk’
  • techniques to calm down and centre themselves after they have stepped back from a volatile / angry situation
  • to set and achieve realistic goals and plans for using their anger management skills in daily life
  • concepts and skills that will empower them to manage their anger.

Parents participating will learn:

  • Understanding what motivates anger.
  • Learning to understand the difference between anger and violence.
  • Learning strategies for using anger positively.
  • Understanding how to provide an environment where they can help make the changes.

This programme is likely to run in Terms 2 and 3 in 2018.